Resilient Immune system

For building, maintaining and supporting a strong and resilient immune systemI have assembled a host of links to teach you the whats, hows and whys of achieving a resilient immune system.

The importance of sleep in supporting and maintaining a strong and vibrant immune system.  Sleep deprivation lowers our       resistance to viral infection!!   click on the links below for a short but detailed understanding.

how sleep deprivation affects immunity and overall well-being.

Excellent TEDx Talk how sleep influences our immune system and well-being.

 Vitamin D3 plays a significant role  in protecting us from both viral and bacterial infections.   Most Americans are deficient in this vital nutrient with respect to its role in supporting immunity.  I've provided 2 links for you to learn more.  the 1st is a more basic overview in easily explained terms.  The 2nd is the nuts and bolts of how D3 protects us against viral and bacterial infections in a most powerful  way.

1. Basic understanding of Vitamin D3 and immune function

2.In depth understanding of the vital role vitamin D3 plays in your immune system.

The understanding of just how optimal levels of Vitamin D assists in supporting our immune system to fend off bacteria, viruses and even mycobacterium (such as TB) has been known for a very long time.  for you who are interested in the science behind Vitamin D's ability to super charge our immune system I offer this link to this peer reviewed paper from 2009!!  yes, its been known for that long.  

Vitamin D3 and its role in boosting immunity.

Zinc plays a crucial role in Immune function protecting us from viruses.

The role of optimal Zinc levels in supporting immune function.

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